What’s Better: Wet or Dry Dog Food?

Poodle dog eating wet food instead of the dry food

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose between the vast array of dog food at any given supermarket or pet store. What might taste great to them might not necessarily meet their nutritional needs. Conversely, what’s best for their life stage might not turn on their taste buds. Dog owners have to contend with the pros and cons of wet food and dry kibble. Don’t worry, your friends at South Seminole Animal Hospital can help you choose.

A Range of Quality

While many dogs aren’t terribly picky about the food’s ingredients, you only want the best for them. We can help you zero-in on choices that not only appeal to your dog’s tastes, but meet all of your dog’s dietary needs. When they eat well, they feel their best. Since nutrition plays a big role in development and health maintenance, your choice impacts longevity and day to day well-being.

Wet Versus Dry

We know that your pet’s health hinges on a high quality diet, and we aim to help you make informed decisions toward selecting the best dog food for them. 

Canned or wet dog food boasts many benefits to dogs, including:

  • High moisture content reduces the risk of dehydration, especially in hot or dry climates.
  • Senior dogs, or those with compromised senses of smell or taste, may be more attracted by wet or canned food.
  • Softer food is easier to chew for dogs with dental disease.

If you’re curious about whether or not they would accept a wet diet, you can slowly start to introduce small amounts to their dry diet. Some dogs like a combination of wet and dry dog food. Be sure not to add too many calories to their daily diet, including treats. Food should be portioned in accordance with feeding instruction provided on the food packaging or as calculated by your veterinarian.

Why Dry

When choosing between types of dog food, dry kibble is great because:

  • Convenience (low risk of spoiling).
  • Often less expensive than canned or wet varieties.
  • Great for use in food puzzles or Kongs.
  • Seems to be enjoyable for dogs to eat and provides satisfaction.
  • Like wet food, kibble can be formulated to help support various medical concerns, including dental disease, allergies or other health issues. 

The Best Dog Food

There is no one size fits all approach to canine nutrition. A lot goes into your selection, including age, health, lifestyle, budget, and what other pets in the house eat. Both dry and wet dog food are good options, provided they are high-quality brands.

Whether canned or dry, food should be selected based on nutritional content as opposed to fads and marketing. If you need assistance choosing food, have additional concerns or questions about your dog’s health, please call us at (407) 831-5205. We’re always happy to help you at South Seminole Animal Hospital.