The Positive Impact of Pet Wellness Exams

happy woman with puppy at miami beach.

Many health scares can be entirely prevented with routine check-ups. Pet wellness exams also promote day-to-day wellness that improves quality and quantity of life. If you want your pet to enjoy the happiest and healthiest life possible, wellness exams are essential.

Individualized Approach

South Seminole Animal Hospital knows that every pet is different. We provide a customized treatment plan that reflects each individual patient’s health needs. In this way, we are able to address potential issues specific to your pet and help them reach their optimal wellness at every life stage. 

Come On In!

We recognize that pets don’t always relish the chance to visit us. However, keeping them out of the doctor’s office doesn’t help them out in the long run. The opportunity to see them at least once a year (or two times per year for senior pets) can dispel their fears and reduce their stress. 

We can make routine pet wellness exams quick, fun and rewarding for them. The more we see a pet, the greater the chance to impact their health. If we only see a pet every few years, there’s a stronger likelihood that they need more intervention when they are here. 

It’s That Time Again

Even the most experienced and vigilant pet owners miss the very first signs of illness, mostly because they are almost imperceptible. Early detection of diseases like periodontal disease, cancer, or parasitic infections is critical because we can effectively treat them before they become uncontrollable or prohibitive in cost (or both). 

However, examining your pet every 6-12 months affords the chance to interfere with the development of disease and stop it in its tracks. What’s more, we can monitor any weight changes, address nutritional issues, and provide guidance to help your pet achieve vitality. 

What You Can Expect

Pet wellness exams typically begin with the scale. Since many problems can be directly related to either weight loss or gain, this provides immediate direction regarding nutrition and exercise. 

A thorough nose-to-tail examination typically includes:

  • Palpating the abdomen to assess internal organs
  • Assessing the appearance of the skin and coat
  • Looking for any swelling, range of motion, and any signs of pain to the touch
  • Looking closely at the ears and eyes
  • Listening to the lungs and heart

We answer owner questions, or address observations about behavior, lifestyle, and appearance. If vaccinations or parasite prevention medication are needed, this is a natural next step. Bringing in a stool sample may prove invaluable to screening and treating disease.

Dental Health

We inspect the mouth and look for any problems affecting the teeth and gums. Dental care is paramount to your pet’s health and we may discuss the need for a cleaning and exam under anesthesia, brushing at home, and nutritional supplements. 

Pet Wellness Exams

Blood work can be incredibly useful in disease detection and early treatment. A complete blood count, urinalysis, and thyroid hormone testing are common addition to pet wellness exams, especially as a pet ages. Advanced diagnostics may also be ordered to determine the cause of certain symptoms. 

We can’t wait to see your pet at their next wellness. Until then, please call us at (407) 831‑5205 with any questions or concerns.